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"Thank God I'm a Country Bear! >W<;;"

The best the best the best. Curse you Disneyland for taking the best show ever out....

Har har har

Your Hetalia Family by jewelie
Favorite Character
Country you live in
Sibling #1
Sibling #2
Best Friend


Books I need to read....:

Wow.....I keep adding a lot of lists... OTL

Link: http://proquest.umi.com/pqdweb?index=0&did=1639656551&SrchMode=1&sid=1&Fmt=3&VInst=PROD&VType=PQD&RQT=309&VName=PQD&TS=1235678871&clientId=27898

This essay made me want to read them, simply because I want to see how crazy these parents/librarians are...I, personally, think they could help children going though tough times if given the chance

1) Barry Lyga - Boy Toy
2) John Coy - Box Out
3) Peter Parnell and Justin Richardson - And Tango Makes Three
4) Sarah S. Brannen - Uncle Bobby's Wedding
5) Alex Sanchez - Rainbow Boys
6) Brent Hartinger - Geography Club
7) David Levithan - Boy Meets Boy
8) Carolyn Mackler - The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things

It makes me cry....everytime.

My To-Do List......

Because I'm cool like that....and I DESPERATELY need to get this stuff done.

1) Read the Bible more. Actually, just attempt to read it period.
2) Do my math homework. Maybe attempt to get super caught up with it. then I'd never have to worry about doing it ever again this semester. THAT'D be nice...
3) Work on my English essays. Gosh, darn it. That class sucks. Majorly...
4) Clean my room. Gosh, I haven't even ATTEMPTED to do this in months. And it seriously shows. It's getting gross.
5) Buy a backpack. I wanna walk around college with a backpack because A) no one has one and B) it'd be so much easier...
6) Do the laundry. Maybe even *gasp* wash my sheets. I KNOW you should do it ever couple of weeks or even every week if you have the time. But that's the problem...I don't have the time.
7) Start saving MONEY!!! I'm going on a road trip, one camping trip, two conventions, Orange County Fair, and a movie premiere this summer. I needz MONAY.
8) Start cosplay. Enough said.
9) Buy Disneyland pass. Mine is going to expire the 8th.
10) Read Vampire Knight. I read everything ELSE...

**Added for Gerry: 11) Have Jessie and Myself read the wedding invitation and RSVP.


Changing your mood themes is SRS BZNS,

And it's true. I didn't even get half way before giving up for tonight...maybe in a couple of months I'll have each emotion different. For now, though, they are mostly the same.... OTL

Yay my life......

Country Girl at Heart.... =]

Since we're on a Country note; Hetalia:


America's famous for it's hicks, but doesn't EVERY country have that one class of people they're a little ashamed of??

Their music has some of my all time favorites, from the classic Devil When Down to Georgia:

((NOTE: With CHEESY pictures... OTL))

To the danceable Cotton Eye Joe:

((NOTE: With lyrics because you have NO idea what they're saying... XDD

ANNND, Ladies and Gentlemen, the "greater" part of the population of the United States of America. No WONDER we never get anything done... <3))

Lyrics =]Collapse )
To the feel good Chicken Fried:

To the "makes you want to find your soul mate and melt into the singer's voice" Would You Go With Me:

((NOTE: I'm marrying this man....after I kill his wife....just FYI. =]))

I SWEAR that I cry every time for that video.... ;A;


Hmmmmmmm........... @_@ Posting because I feel I need to??

Cut CutCollapse )

So I'm finally feeling better! Yay me! Just in time for my birthday....and school starting again. Bleh. I like school, but I don't. It's complicated.....

=_=;;;Collapse )



That's right, he DOES deserve his own post. I think I'm more excited about his birthday than America's.... O_o CURSE YOU, HETALIA!!!!!